Linzi Berry



Hennessy Academy

The Hennessy Academy is part of the cognac brand’s 250th anniversary effort to emphasize the spirit maker’s heritage, process and quality. It is an educational and interactive fully responsive online quiz that encourages self discovery and a deeper understanding of Hennessy’s origins. I led and participated the UX flows, wireframes, visual design, asset production, and worked closely with development on each class.




Associate Design Director
Oversaw & Conducted
– UX Design
– Visual Design
– Content Production





In 2015 the Hennessy Academy's five classes were incentivized by a chance to win prizes. There was a prize per class and a grand prize upon the completion of all of the classes. It was so successful that Hennessy chose to keep it on the site after all of the prizes had been redeemed.

The first class is highly interactive – from choosing the correct growing region on a map to rearranging aged barrels to match products. We took the approach to learn through doing. We don’t penalize the user when they answer incorrectly, instead we offer them the correct answer and explain why.


The main four classes were less interactive and more educational. All classes start with chaptered lessons followed by a quiz. There are three questions, each worth a ‘star’. We included hints in the quiz that jumped the user back up to the lesson where they could find the answer.


Users created a profile to save their quiz status and be eligible to win. Once signed in, the top of the homepage transformed into a progress tracker.


Hennessy Legacy


In addition to Hennessy Academy we also worked on Hennessy Legacy. The Legacy is a collection of moments, people, techniques, and artworks that define their 250-year adventure. Each moment is represented by a digital card.



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