Linzi Berry



SpaceX Website Redesign

SpaceX, came to Odopod looking to update their website aesthetic and content from hypothetical and futuristic to educational and realistic. One of the great things about SpaceX, besides sending rockets into space, is that they want others to do it too. We designed the site around their vision and current stats to get fans excited and other manufactures to build upon their work – rekindling the desire for space exploration in the 21st Century and beyond.




Art Director
– UX Design
– Visual Design




I was part of a small creative team on this project. As the primary ux designer – I was responsible for creating the information architecture for the site and wireframes for each page. Although I did many of page designs for the site, my favorites were the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon pages. We wanted to help casual visitors learn the different parts of the spacecraft by locking up the content with a giant visual of the rocket. They can read each section, skim the impressive engine stats, learn more with the Tech Spotlight hot spots and look “under the hood.”


Originally the 3D spacecraft on all three pages separated as you scrolled, but the only one that made it onto the final site was the Dragon.


Design was completed in-house at Odopod, development was completed by an internal team at SpaceX, with a public launch of the new site in the summer of 2013.



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